Inspire2Live Annual Congress – If About Us, Not Without Us – Amsterdam, 2023

If About Us, Not Without Us

Worldwide we are dealing with 19.3 million people diagnosed with cancer each year and the numbers are growing. The majority of the people who die from cancer are from the low- and middle-income countries. Lack of awareness, late-stage diagnoses, no access to medicine, many reasons can be brought up but, in the end, there is a big global inequality.

Inspire2live raises her voice to start the movement that cancer is a global disease and it has to be solved globally. Awareness, education, involvement of (to be) patients, physicians, researchers, regulators, industry and payers, they all have their responsibility. We have to be at the table to bring in our voice: ‘If about us, not without us.’

With the community that Inspire2live build over the years, we are able to discuss matters at the same level of the people pulling the strings in the health care system. We have more then 90 professional volunteers in 37 countries. We believe that the way to do this is to create a coalition of the willing and influence the ones who pull the strings.

This means involvement of all the stakeholders, not only by talking but by formulating a project or plan of execution. Our congresses have proven to be the start of many initiatives.

Our congress will take place at Het West-Indisch Huis, Herenmarkt 99, 1013 EC Amsterdam.

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Our congress is free of charge, but a donation will be highly appreciated.