How we work

Inspire2Live: Empowering Patient Advocates through connection and innovation

Our World Campus

At Inspire2Live, our approach to driving change in the cancer care landscape is built on the foundation of collaboration, empowerment, and innovation. We operate through a dynamic network of Patient Advocates — a diverse group of highly educated individuals, including patients, cancer survivors, and those closely connected to patients. Our work ethic is centered around three core principles:

Autonomy and Personal Initiative

Every Patient Advocate at Inspire2Live is encouraged to identify specific areas within the cancer healthcare system that can be improved based on their personal experiences and insights. We believe in the power of individual initiative, allowing each advocate to set their own goals and pursue them with the full support of the community.

Collaboration and Dialogue

We recognize the strength in numbers and the value of shared ideas. Regular ‘get-togethers’ and structured meetings provide a platform for our advocates to exchange knowledge, discuss challenges, and brainstorm solutions. These gatherings are not just meetings; they’re incubators for actionable change, where every voice is heard and every contribution valued.

Action-Oriented Projects

Ideas and discussions within Inspire2Live often give rise to projects aimed at improving cancer care and patient support. From conception to execution, these projects are developed collaboratively, leveraging the collective experience and expertise of our advocates. We also actively participate in and contribute to external congresses, using these opportunities to further our mission and initiatives.

Our work is underpinned by a commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by cancer. With over 90 Patient Advocates and growing, Inspire2Live harnesses the collective power of individual experiences, expertise, and passion to advocate for better cancer care, more effective treatments, and a more hopeful future for patients and their families.

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Our congresses and our contribution to other congresses

We use our talents and capability  to the full and contribute at congresses to the best of our ability. We align with each other’s work and activity where we can. Problems that arise and differences of opinions are the fuel for our development. Our Patient Advocates have a highly visible external profile and are present at as many meetings and congresses as possible telling the audience about our mission and activities. The organization, facilitates this, whenever possible, with the available resources from office management, program management, finance and communications. We work as a group of around 90+ Patient Advocates and this is growing.

Our projects

Our meetings usually consist of  teams of two or three Patient Advocates, sometimes larger. We  may invite a keynote speaker to increase our overall knowledge and spark discussions on specific themes. After that, we spend  time in informing one another and asking for help.

Our projects always stem from  ideas discussed in our meetings. When something looks like a good idea this develops  into an initiative. And again, we discuss and work together to take  this further – or decide against it . When the idea seems to be a good thing to develop , we design and start a project. Inspire2Live has a lot of experience in setting up projects. You find some of them in our most important achievements.

We inspire each other

We inform each other

We get help from each other

We perform