Heroes of cancer

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We proudly present our Heroes of Cancer

We award this title to a clinician or researcher that has done important work that improves the quality of life of cancer patients and their loved ones. It’s our way of saying ‘Thank you very much for your contribution to patients’. The work of the heroes means that they have the patient in mind when doing their work and when living their mission.

Meet them all here:

Bob Lowenberg

'His passion for patients is enormous. His drive to improve the patient treatment outcome inspires. He really knows what patients need.'

Khama Rogo

‘It is not just about the patient we reach. It is the millions that we don't reach.’

Bob Weinberg

'As patients you are much better equipped than we are as scientists to get prevention on the agenda.’

Laura van 't Veer

’Trials are intended for patients and Laura proves that this is still the case, even when many seem to have forgotten.'

Stephen Friend

'Knowledge is the beginning of health improvement and Stephen has made so many breakthroughs in this area.'

Wanda de Kanter en Pauline Dekker

'If we stop selling cigarettes today, then 20 years from now we will have 30% less cancer patients. It’s all about prevention.’

Bob Pinedo

'Bob is a truly patient-doctor who doesn’t quit until he has found a treatment for his patients.'

Fritz Schröder

‘You will never find a doctor with as much experience and passion for patients as Fritz.’