Our mission

We’re the patient’s voice in cancer

Worldwide millions of people are diagnosed with cancer each year. The majority of the people who die, come from  low- and middle-income countries. In discussions and decision making, these patients do not have a voice. Inspire2Live brings their voice to the table because:

If about us, not without us

When discussions take place about cancer patients it is necessary and decent that these discussions take place with the patients at the table. For this reason, Inspire2Live works with patient advocates who are able to discuss matters at the same level as those representing the stakeholders in the medical industrial complex: researchers, clinicians, industry, government and payers. Patient advocates from Inspire2Live come from these fields of expertise. We believe that the way to do this is to create a coalition of the willing (people who share the same ideas and need for action), consisting of all the stakeholders and to formulate a project or plan of execution.

The global battle against cancer can and must go faster, smarter and above all in the interest of the person with cancer

We do this by focusing on the patient’s priorities and worldwide with respect for the financial situations and possibilities. We work for 7.8 billion people and not for the 1.6 billion in the rich countries.

We apply the ‘Bottom-Up-Cancer-Support’ (BUCS) vision; the 4 P’s:

1. Prevention

Make sure you don’t get cancer. 50% of all cancer related illnesses can be prevented. This is free of cost and only requires effort to lead a healthy and happy life.

2. Primary stage

When you have cancer, make sure you detect it in an early stage. This will help you to maintain your quality of life as much as possible. It saves money and it saves your life.

3. Performance

When you have cancer, make sure you live you’re live the way you’re used to as long as possible. This is also without cost. Performance is about quality of life.

4. Pain Management

When you have cancer at least make sure you suffer as little pain as possible. There are good, safe, and cheap medicines for treating pain in cancer, e.g. lidocaine.

Scientific vision

We do our work based on science, knowledge and facts. In cooperation with scientists in our network we have developed a scientific vision upon which we act.

Go here for the Inspire2Live Scientific Vision

Go here for the Inspire2Live Understanding Life programme plan