Henk van Kranen

Email address: henkvankranen@gmail.com

Phone number: +31622550079

Who am I

I am a Patient Advocate of Inspire2Live since 2019. I have lost several beloved ones to cancer, including my father at the age of 6 years. I was trained (1985) as a molecular biologist in Leiden in the lab of Lex van der Eb and started working in the lab of carcinogenesis and mutagenesis at RIVM in Bilthoven. In 1996 I finished my PhD with Hans Bos and Willem van Vloten as promotores in Utrecht on the genetic changes in tumors from animal models in skin and intestinal cancer. In 2000 I started collaborating with the Institute of Public Health Genomics (IPHG) at Maastricht University with rare diseases and nutrigenomics as main topics.


From many years of personal experience, I noticed that many people are not able to find the best hospital and doctors to diagnose and treat their cancer, we can and must do better! I also believe that many years of experience in (molecular) cancer research may benefit patient oriented activities within Inspire2Live.


Within the cancer field I have experience with cancers of the gastro-intestinal tract (pancreas and intestine), skin cancer and breast cancer. My output is summarized in Google Scholar. I am involved in the recent Manifest on Pancreas cancer and Glioblastoma.

Involved projects


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