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Thanks to A-Care program, there is now an extensive scientific analysis and proof for the improvement of quality of life through a personalised program of physiotherapy and sports practice for […]

Book project

Over and above diagnosis and treatment, there are many other aspects of cancer which can take their toll on patients and their loved ones in the form of various physical, […]

Breast cancer in Ghana often goes undetected and untreated for a very long time, resulting in both physical deformities and stigmatisation of the patient. For this reason, it is extremely […]

Cancer as the new pandemic

Due to COVID-19, it appears that many cancer cases have either not been diagnosed, or have been diagnosed at a much later stage. We believe that this will have an […]

What is the greatest cancer care priority in your country? Do you need to focus on breast cancer, or is cervical cancer a bigger problem? How many men suffer from […]

DEEP Diagnostics is an Inspire2Live lighthouse project created to provide a personalised individual treatment and medicine plan i.e., this patient, with their specific disease, at this moment, needs this particular […]

Early detection of cancer

By detecting cancer as early as possible, there are always more treatment options available than when diagnosis occurs in stage IV. Inspire2Live is collaborating with SeekIn to make this dream […]

Our Inspire2Live partner, the Partnership for the Eradication of Cancer in Africa (PECA), has launched an initiative to fight cervical and other HPV-virus related cancers. The key theme of this […]

Lifestyle and cancer

This is probably the broadest topic which comes to mind when dealing with cancer and where opinions tend to differ most extremely. Yet there is one question which is still […]

Minimally invasive therapies

“Opereren zonder snijden” (surgery without incision) is a network of patients, doctors and scientists which aims to offer the most appropriate treatment for individual cancer cases using techniques such as […]

MRI improvements in low- and middle-income countries

An Inspire2Live initiative featuring Professors Jelle Barentsz and Maurice van den Bosch In recent years several Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) have implemented MRI for diagnosis and treatment of cancer […]

Overtreatment was one of the major concerns which emerged from a mixed method study on ethical issues of dental practice in Iran and Switzerland performed by Ali Kazemian from Iran. […]