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Access to Medicines

A global initiative  A group of patient advocates from the world campus convened to discuss the topic: Access to medicines, following up from great interest at the Inspire2Live 2023 Annual […]

Thanks to A-Care program, there is now an extensive scientific analysis and proof for the improvement of quality of life through a personalised program of physiotherapy and sports practice for […]

Book project

A global initiative  Over and above diagnosis and treatment, there are many other aspects of cancer which can take their toll on patients and their loved ones in the form […]

Breast cancer in Ghana often goes undetected and untreated for a very long time, resulting in both physical deformities and stigmatisation of the patient. For this reason, it is extremely […]

Cancer as the new pandemic

Due to COVID-19, it appears that many cancer cases have either not been diagnosed, or have been diagnosed at a much later stage. We believe that this will have an […]

A local initiative  What is the greatest cancer care priority in your country? Do you need to focus on breast cancer, or is cervical cancer a bigger problem? How many […]

A global initiative DEEP Diagnostics is an Inspire2Live lighthouse project created to provide a personalised individual treatment and medicine plan i.e., this patient, with their specific disease, at this moment, […]

An African initiative  Our Inspire2Live partner, the Partnership for the Eradication of Cancer in Africa (PECA), has launched an initiative to fight cervical and other HPV-virus related cancers. The key […]

Lifestyle and cancer

A global initiative  This is probably the broadest topic which comes to mind when dealing with cancer and where opinions tend to differ most extremely. Yet there is one question […]

Minimally invasive therapies

A local initiative, started in the Netherlands “Opereren zonder snijden” (surgery without incision) is a network of patients, doctors and scientists which aims to offer the most appropriate treatment for […]

MRI improvements in low- and middle-income countries

An Inspire2Live initiative featuring Professors Jelle Barentsz and Maurice van den Bosch In recent years several Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) have implemented MRI for diagnosis and treatment of cancer […]

Multi cancer early detection

A global initiative  By detecting cancer as early as possible, there are always more treatment options available than when diagnosis occurs in stage IV. Inspire2Live is collaborating with SeekIn to make […]