Thanks to A-Care program, there is now an extensive scientific analysis and proof for the improvement of quality of life through a personalised program of physiotherapy and sports practice for […]

Breast cancer in Ghana often goes unrecognized and untreated for a very long time, resulting in deformities, but often also in stigmatization of the patient. Therefore, it is of great […]

What is the priority in your country? Do we need to focus on breast cancer, or is cervical cancer a bigger problem? How many men suffer from prostate cancer and […]

Imagine this – you have a slide of your tumour because the pathologist gave it to you. You take a photo and with an app you send it to a […]

DEEP Diagnostics is a focus project of Inspire2Live. It’s all about real individual treatments, real personalised medicine. DEEP Diagnostics is formerly known as Open Source Pharma. This patient, with her […]

There are so many differences between treatments for cancer patients caused by differences between hospitals. Differences within a country, but moreover differences between countries. Especially when looking at the rich […]

The Partnership for the Eradication of Cancer in Africa (our partner PECA) started an initiative to fight cervical cancer and also other to the HPV virus related cancers. Important in […]

This project, or ‘activity’ is very much inspired by IARC which is the World Health Organisation (WHO) for cancer research. We learn from IARC and we cooperate with them. We […]

Overtreatment was one of the major concerns emerged from a mixed method study on ethical issues of dental practice in Iran and Switzerland performed by Ali Kazemian from Iran. Since […]

In 2020, when we started working globally, we realised that quite some patients don’t even receive good pain relief. Patients in low- and middle-income countries do not have the financial […]

When prevention didn’t prevent you from getting cancer it is important that you are, as long as possible, able to do the things that are important for you in daily […]

Inspire2Live’s perspective on prevention is one of good information but also with an enormous responsibility for governments. We look at it from the Human Rightsli perspective. Government must take sufficient […]