What is patient advocacy?

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Defining the role of a Patient Advocate

A Patient Advocate embodies dedication and inspiration, possessing a remarkable ability to champion advancements in cancer prevention, diagnostics, treatments, and aftercare. Through collaboration and mutual support, these advocates amplify their impact.

Our mantra: “Nothing About Us Without Us”

Patient Advocates are informed and articulate, actively engaging in discussions and insisting on their involvement in decision-making processes that affect them. While medical professionals and policymakers bring invaluable expertise to the table, patients and their advocates bring a perspective grounded in personal experience that is unparalleled in its depth and relevance. This unique insight grants them not only the right but also the profound qualification to contribute significantly to healthcare policies and decisions. True innovation in research and treatment necessitates partnership with those who live the experience—patients and their advocates. Discover more about our advocacy and mission at Inspire2Live.

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