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Email address: Tielo@hotmail.nl

Phone number: +31612498390

Who am I

I am a Patient Advocate of Inspire2Live. I am proud to be chairman of Inspire2Live and to serve with my fellow Patient Advocates in order to mobilise as many resources as our science, economic power and social fabric can provide, giving the patient back their life and happiness.


I am personally fortunate not to have cancer myself, but I witness the journeys of many patients, their persistence and courage in their love of life, and the devastation that losing them brings to the loved ones stay behind.


My work as a Patient Advocate concentrates on communication and bundling skills and energy in projects. I am especially watchful for opportunities to enhance the exchange of insight and experience between the laboratory and the clinic, to increase the available data for the researcher and to speed up the actual improvements in reaching the patient. I am retired; the experience I bring is mathematics, finance and management.

Involved projects


DEEP Diagnostics is an Inspire2Live lighthouse project created to provide a personalised individual treatment and medicine plan i.e., this patient, with their specific disease, at this moment, needs this particular […]

Breast cancer in Ghana often goes undetected and untreated for a very long time, resulting in both physical deformities and stigmatisation of the patient. For this reason, it is extremely […]