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Research and Development Initiatives at Inspire2Live

Inspire2Live champions collaborative efforts by uniting patients, doctors, scientists, and developers with the goal of accelerating the availability and implementation of new diagnostics, treatments, and drugs in hospitals and treatment centers. Our focus areas include:

  • Ensuring quicker accessibility to innovations in diagnostics, treatments, and medication.
  • Highlighting and addressing the needs for cancers lacking sufficient treatments.
  • Increasing research into the long-term side effects and the importance of aftercare for cancer patients.
  • Making diagnostics, treatments, and medications accessible and affordable for all patients worldwide.
  • Enhancing the focus on cancer prevention strategies.

Through these initiatives, Inspire2Live is dedicated to making a tangible impact in the fight against cancer, ensuring that advancements in medical science reach those in need promptly and equitably.

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On the availability of new diagnostics, treatments and medicines:

  • Reimbursement of DNA analysis (Whole Genome Sequencing)
  • Magistral preparation of medicines
  • Citizen pathology

To the quicker availability of new diagnostics, treatments and medicines and more attention to cancers for which few or no treatment methods exist:

  • DEEP Diagnostics

Aftercare and long-term side effects:

  • Fit for Cancer

Availability and affordability of diagnostics, treatments and medications worldwide

  • Pain management in low- and middle-income countries
  • Combating HPV-related cancers globally and take care that girls AND boys are vaccinated


  • Ban the sale of tobacco instead of smoking

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