DEEP Diagnostics

About DEEP Diagnostics

DEEP Diagnostics is a focus project of Inspire2Live. It’s all about real individual treatments, real personalised medicine. DEEP Diagnostics is formerly known as Open Source Pharma.

This patient, with her defect, at this moment, needs this treatment.

We’ve created a diagnostic toolbox around Whole Genome Sequencing in combination with drug screening. We find the DNA-mutation and via drug screening we test the medicines ex-vivo, outside the body but on tissue from the patient, so we can determine what works and what doesn’t.

In our project we start with patients suffering from pancreatic cancer and brain tumour, known as glioblastoma. These two unmet medical needs deserve better than they received so far.

Inspire2Live is now working on getting the funding and we hope to start in Q4 of 2022. The project runs for 30 months; 6 months of preparation and 24 months of execution. After the project we now whether we can define a better individually tailored treatment or not. We from Inspire2Live are convinced that with the existing tools we can do better. Much better.