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About DEEP Diagnostics

A global initiative

DEEP Diagnostics is an Inspire2Live lighthouse project created to provide a personalised individual treatment and medicine plan i.e., this patient, with their specific disease, at this moment, needs this particular treatment. 

We’ve created a diagnostic toolbox by combining Whole Genome Sequencing with drug screening. We identify the DNA mutation and we test the medicines via drug screening ex-vivo (on patient tissue outside the body) so that we can determine what works and what doesn’t. 

As part of our project, we have started working with patients suffering from a type of brain tumour known as glioblastoma and with patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. These two unmet medical needs deserve so much more attention than they have received until now. After first applying for a grant for both types of cancer in one proposal, we decided to make it two separate proposals. Both proposals are under construction. 

Once the projects have been completed, we will know whether it is possible to define a more individually tailored treatment or not. At Inspire2Live we are convinced that we can do much better with tools which are already available. We want Personalized Medicine to be the movement from drug centric treatment (we have a medicine, let’s find a group of patients for it) towards a patient centric approach – we have a patient let’s find a treatment for her.