Ilona Schelle

Phone number: +31652496604

Who am I

Although trained as a molecular biologist a long time ago, I work as a manager at De Nederlandsche Bank. My work as a volunteer started at the Alpe d’HuZes (big fundraising organization in Holland) and evolved to inspire2live in 2011.


Fortunately, I am not a patient. So many loved ones around me though, died or still struggle with (the consequences of) cancer. Being healthy and having the ability to help brought me to Inspire2live. We can do so much better in health. Execute what we already know and work together with only one aim: Get cancer under control!


Bringing people together and inspire them to find new solutions to old problems. Coördinating congresses and discovery networks.

Involved projects


The Partnership for the Eradication of Cancer in Africa (our partner PECA) started an initiative to fight cervical cancer and also other to the HPV virus related cancers. Important in […]