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How Inspire2Live is funded

Inspire2Live operates primarily through the dedication and volunteer efforts of its staff, with no compensation for their activities. Our funding sources are crucial to sustaining our mission and activities. We rely on donations from philanthropists and supportive organizations. Notably, our Annual Congresses have received backing from esteemed entities such as the Dutch Cancer Organisation and CZ, a health insurance company.

Additionally, we’ve been fortunate to receive significant donations from other organizations, including:

  • A generous €110,000 from a fundraiser committed to our cause.
  • €150,000 from a small not-for-profit pharmaceutical company, which ceased its operations to support our endeavors.

In 2023, we began successfully soliciting industry donations for our Annual Congress, a strategy we continue in 2024. These funds are essential for covering out-of-pocket expenses such as venue hire, catering, accommodation, airfare, and photography.

Allocating Our Resources Our expenditures are focused on convening key players in the medical and industrial sectors through congresses, symposia, and Discovery Networks. These gatherings are pivotal in fostering initiatives that contribute to our significant achievements. Through careful and purposeful spending, Inspire2Live continues to drive forward its mission, bridging gaps and catalyzing advancements in cancer care and research.

Our spending

We spend our money in bringing together stakeholders in the medical industrial complex via congresses, symposia and Discovery Networks.

Many initiatives have arisen from activities mentioned before.. You can find them in our achievements. 

We are the patient’s voice in cancer

Annual reports

In our annual reports you find income and expenditure in more detail.