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About Cancer Registries

A local initiative 

What is the greatest cancer care priority in your country? Do you need to focus on breast cancer, or is cervical cancer a bigger problem? How many men suffer from prostate cancer and what is the mortality rate? Why not focus on lung cancer instead of breast cancer if we want to save the lives of more women? Why is there almost no prostate cancer in China and why do the Chinese suffer a lot from liver cancer? 

These questions can only be answered when we know what’s really happening which means having the right data available at the right level and for this you need cancer registries. 

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the World Health Organisation (WHO), supports countries with registry implementation. At Inspire2Live we work together with IARC and the Dutch and Norwegian national cancer registries to set up and keep improving similar projects in other countries. After a successful collaboration in Armenia, we are now working on implementation in Brazil and will soon start working with Romania.