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Who am I

I am a Patient Advocate of Inspire2Live. Ever since 2005, I have beenliving with a lymphoma and can show others that cancer does not have to be a death sentence. Itcan also be the start of a new and richer life, full of opportunities and beautiful people: A Happy and Healthy life in Harmony with cancer. I am employed by the Dutch central bank, who allow me to work three days a week for Inspire2Live and its mission. My job enables me to be genuinely independent and to always choose the best for the patient. Patients First!


I’ve always had good care, good nurses, good doctors, good treatments and good hospitals. However, I realise that not everyone has this experience and that there are differences between countries. here is an unfair and unnecessary difference between the rich and the low- and middle-income countries. I want to contribute to the patients globally and allow them to have the same good care that I experienced. I see it as my mission and duty to never ever quit and to be there for everyone who needs me. Wherever in the world.


My work as a Patient Advocate concentrates around networking, giving talks and writing articles about the fight against cancer. I am working on: changing healthcare for the benefit of global patients, taking care of Prevention, Performance (being able to do the things patients want to do) and Pain management (ensuring that patients do not suffer from pain). Personalised medicine his of greatest importance to me.

Involved projects


A local initiative, started in the Netherlands, for initiating tobacco control measures as a cornerstone of effective cancer prevention strategies. The most important element of effective prevention is by far the […]