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Who am I

Originally from the France, I moved to the Netherlands in 2016. I hold a master’s degree in food science and applied statistics. I am a scientist at heart. Over the years, I've become increasingly involved in qualitative research, preferring to focus on people rather than numbers, while maintaining a scientific approach. I am currently participating in the EUPATI patient expert training program to become a skilled patient advocate. Beyond my professional experience, I'm an outdoor enthusiast, finding solace in activities like hiking, cycling, and diving. I also have an insatiable love for travel.


In February 2021, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer. I was only 40 and I did not know anything about it. My quality of life has been significantly impacted. I am here to raise awareness about colorectal cancer, particularly in younger patients. By sharing my story and advocating for early detection, I hope to influence the way colorectal cancer is perceived and managed. I firmly believe that by working together, we can make a significant and lasting impact on cancer research and patient care.


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