Collaborating for Patient-First innovation with Inspire2Live


Inspire2Live thrives on partnerships with entities that share our patient-first philosophy. By joining forces, we amplify our impact in areas critical to cancer care:

  • Advancing research and development
  • Accelerating the availability of new medicines, treatments, and diagnostics
  • Enhancing patient accessibility and treatment effectiveness
  • Promoting prevention and cure strategies

Our valued partners

Pioneers in whole genome sequencing, providing oncologists with potential treatment options.

A leadership community promoting healthcare management and leadership excellence. Inspire2Live contributes articles, embodying the patient’s voice in a global journal.

A Dutch organisation offering comprehensive support to cancer patients, from nutritional advice to psychiatric care.

Leaders in healthcare analytics, providing Inspire2Live with crucial data for the Excellent Cancer Centre initiative and supporting the DEEP Diagnostics initiative.

Visit : IQVIA

A major facilitator of cancer research in the Netherlands, and a sponsor of our Annual Congress.

Visit : KWF

Facilitates access to promising phase 2 pipeline medicines for patients with unmet medical needs.

Visit : My Tomorrows

A comprehensive organization fighting pancreatic cancer, with whom we share knowledge and initiatives.

Visit : PanCAN

Innovators in evaluating cancer drug efficacy using organ-on-a-chip and computer vision technologies.

Visit : Pear Bio

Specialists in early cancer detection through blood tests, improving patient survival chances.

Visit : SeekIn

Facilitators of global collaboration in precision medicine, hosting events and forums where Inspire2Live is actively involved.

Collaborators in cancer awareness campaigns, including HPV vaccination awareness.

Visit : PECA

Partners working to improve patient health in Africa through innovative healthcare solutions.

Visit : PharmAccess

Advocates for patients with prostate cancer, combining strong activism with scientific knowledge.


Collaborators in cancer registry programs worldwide, enhancing cancer data collection and analysis.

Visit : IKNL
DICE - Digestive Cancers Europe

The European umbrella organization for digestive cancer patient advocacy, working together to improve diagnosis, survival rates, and quality of life.

My Cancer Navigator

Provides personalised therapy-related answers to cancer patients and healthcare professionals, supporting them through their journey.

Access to Medicine Foundation

Aims to increase access to essential healthcare products in low- and middle-income countries, aligning with our mission.

Join our mission

Interested in becoming a partner, sharing knowledge, or supporting our cause? Whether through collaboration, donation, or resource sharing, your contribution can make a significant difference. Together, we can advance patient-first initiatives in cancer care and research.