We cooperate with companies and organisations who, like us, put patients first


This strengthens our joint impact in the field of:

  • Research and development
  • Faster implementation of medicines, treatments and diagnostics
  • Accessibility and effectiveness for patients 
  • Prevention and cure


Hartwig Medical Foundation works with genetic data based on whole genome sequencing and reports to the oncologist about possible treatment options for patients.

The leadership community engages in cross-collaboration and promotes management, leadership, thus winning practices in healthcare. Inspire2Live writes articles and columns and is  well-known for their productive, global journal in representing the  patient’s voice!

Huis aan het water is a brilliant Dutch organisation supporting  cancer patients, aware of  the wide perspective of needs. They don’t ust lend a listening ear, they advise on nutrition and even offer a professional psychiatrist (the founder of Huis aan het Water) who is there for professional support and help.

IQVIA is a world leader in using data, technology, advanced analytics and expertise to help customers drive healthcare forward. They facilitated Inspire2Live with data for their Excellent Cancer Centre initiave. Moreover, they are our partner in the DEEP Diagnostics initiative and facilitate this in giving us their time, expertise and resources.

Visit : IQVIA


The Dutch Cancer Foundation is well known for facilitating research in the Netherlands. They can administer  an important channel of information to cancer patients: KWF has been the sponsor of our Annual Congress for two years now.

Visit : KWF

myTomorrows helps patients to access medicines that are still in the phase 2 pipeline that are promising but not yet part of the protocol. Inspire2Live is very much in favour of enabling patients with unmet medical needs to have access to these medicines.

Visit : My Tomorrows

PanCAN was the first organisation dedicated to fighting pancreatic cancer in a comprehensive way. Inspire2Live is happy to partner and share ideas, knowledge and initiatives with this excellent USA organisation.

Visit : PanCAN

Pear Bio helps doctors and pharmaceutical companies to evaluate cancer drug efficacy using organ-on-a-chip and computer vision.

Visit : Pear Bio

SeekIn – Seek and you will find. SeekIn uses blood to find cancer at an early stage so that patients can be treated early, raising  their chances of survival.

Visit : SeekIn

Precision Medicine Forum’s aim is to facilitate global collaboration in precision medicine – what many see as the key to unlocking the promise of a personalised approach to healthcare. They do this through hosting events, through social media, newsletters and their website. Their forum is a well-known forum for Precision Medicine. Inspire2Live helps with defining the programs of the Forum and is always prominent in their representation with at least one keynote speaker.

Partnership for Eradication of Cancer in Africa (PECA) is established to reverse the increasing incidence and prevalence of all kinds of cancers in Africa. Inspire2Live is one of the founders of this initiative since it was founded in 2013. We cooperate with the employees of PECA and PECA employees are part of the World Campus. We cooperate, among other projects, on the awareness campaign for the HPV vaccination.

Visit : PECA

PharmAccess is our partner. They work relentlessly for the benefit and health of patients in Africa. On top of this, they have a creative way of working that makes them operate In a unique way with incomparable results.

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This foundation supports and advocates for patients with prostate cancer. They are exemplary in how patient advocacy can be done: strong activism based on knowledge and science.


The Netherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation (Intergraal Kanker Centrum – IKNL)  beholds one of the oldest and best cancer registries in the world. Inspire2Live cooperates with IKNL in several registry programs. We were already successful in Armenia and work on registries in Kenya also. More countries will follow. These activities are always done in cooperation with WHO/IARC. Together Inspire2Live, IKNL and WHO/IARC strive towards good registries and IKNL is of great importance in this with their enormous experience.

Visit : IKNL
DICE - Digestive Cancers Europe

Digestive Cancers Europe (DiCE) is the European umbrella organisation of a large group of national Members representing patients with digestive cancer – colorectal, gastric, liver, oesophageal, pancreatic and rare cancers. Their mission is to contribute to early diagnosis and decreased mortality from digestive cancers and to increase overall survival and quality of life. Inspire2Live hopes that we can contribute to the work of DICE and its members, as well that DICE will contribute to the mission of Inspire2Live.

My Cancer Navigator

People who are diagnosed with cancer find themselves on a physical and emotional roller coaster. The Anticancer Fund provides them with assistance and personally answers all therapy-related questions from patients and their families. For free. My Cancer Navigator also supports physicians and healthcare professionals who are looking for evidence-based information about cancer treatments for a specific patient.

Access to Medicine Foundation

The Access to Medicine Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation that seeks to transform the healthcare ecosystem by motivating and mobilising companies to expand access to their essential healthcare products in low- and middle-income countries.

Becoming a partner

Do you want to become a partner? Make resources available? Share knowledge and help us? Or would you like to make a donationto our organisation or perhaps one of our projects?