Governance and organisation

Our organisation is based on formal bylaws, and we have federation and foundation principles. When working with Inspire2Live we follow the Inspire2Live Federation Principles. When working within Inspire2Live we work along the Inspire2Live Foundation Principles.

Our team

Meet the members of our team and learn more about their motivation to contribute to Inspire2Live and therefore to our mission.

Supervisory board members

Bert Kersten

Meet Bert Kersten »

Dini Hilbron

Meet Dini Hilbron »

Sylvia Butzke

Meet Sylvia Butzke »

Executive board members

Meet Peter Kapitein »

Tielo Jongmans

Meet Tielo Jongmans »

Communication team

Meet Anthea Bull »

Ingrid Kroeze

Meet Ingrid Kroeze »

Maureen Visscher

Meet Maureen Visscher »

Tugba Türk

Meet Tugba Türk »

Meet Milon Abrahamse »

Management support team

Annual Congress team

Meet Piarella Peralta »

Meet Peter Kapitein »

Gaston Remmers

Meet Gaston Remmers »

Ingrid Kroeze

Meet Ingrid Kroeze »

Meet Ilona Schelle »

Maureen Visscher

Meet Maureen Visscher »

Nicole van Leeuwen

Meet Nicole van Leeuwen »


Inspire2Live is an ANBI foundation. This means that we are eligible for tax deductions. Read our ANBI statement.