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I’m graduated in Social Communication, opened an advertising agency and attended to the coolest customers in the world, including a very nice mouse who taught me how to talk to children. While working at the agency I always volunteered with children with cancer in support homes, hospitals and following several families.


One day I found out I had an ovarian cyst and I’ve decided to remove it in one of the hospitals I was volunteer. I woke up ten hours later in the ICU, diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. Everything I experienced as a visitor I was now living it myself. Months of treatment made me feel all the existing materials about cancer were more frightening than encouraging. So we gathered patients, health professionals and entrepreneurs to started Beaba, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to demystify cancer, providing information about the disease and treatment in a clear, objective and optimistic way through Information and Communication Technology.


As studies have shown, the more engaged the patient is in their treatment, the better their outcome. That may be why I have completed nine years in remission and I am here writing to you. What I know for sure is that I stepped into an oncology hospital with the intention of helping some children and they are the ones that ended up helping to save my life 🙂

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