Access and implementation

Expanding access to cancer care: The mission of Inspire2Live

Our aim at Inspire2Live is to ensure that effective treatments, medicines, aftercare options, and healthcare innovations—though existing—are made widely and swiftly accessible to all in need.

Our focus areas include:

    • Universal Treatment Availability: We advocate for treatments that can universally benefit patients, such as fitness programs to alleviate long-term fatigue in cancer survivors.
    • Access to Advanced Treatments: We strive to enhance the accessibility of complex treatments, including innovative medications and high-risk surgeries, alongside strategies like watchful waiting with regular monitoring for conditions like prostate cancer.
    • Specialized Treatment Centers: For new treatments requiring specialized expertise, we support collaboration and referrals to specialized hospitals, ensuring these advanced options are available to those who need them.
    • Informed Treatment Decisions: We emphasize the importance of ensuring that both patients and specialists are fully informed of all treatment options to facilitate the best possible decisions for patient care.

    Why Change Is Necessary

    For patients to access comprehensive information on treatments and trials, and for hospitals to offer a wider array of treatment options. For physicians to have a complete understanding of available treatments across the Netherlands that may benefit their patients. For researchers to explore alternative treatments that may benefit diverse patient groups. For hospitals and practitioners to collaborate in implementing effective treatment methods, making them accessible to patients.

      Inspire2Live’s role

      • Educating and Informing: Through platforms like Inspire2Go and Surgery without Incision, we provide information on the best treatments for various cancers and on minimally invasive surgical options.
      • Advocacy: We engage in discussions with policymakers to improve the availability of treatments and medicines, achieving milestones such as the Dutch Parliament’s approval of health insurance coverage for DNA analysis in metastatic cancer cases.

      Our goal

      By promoting awareness and demand for specific treatments and innovations, we encourage hospitals to assess and possibly adopt new treatments or refer patients to centers that do. This concerted effort moves us closer to ensuring that every patient receives the best possible care for their diagnosis.

      Beyond Access

      Inspire2Live actively participates in projects aimed at improving the accessibility and implementation of treatments and medicines, furthering our commitment to enhancing cancer care for all.