Our impact

patient advocates and scholar activists

countries worldwide collaborating

international congresses organised

years of experience in patient advocacy

patient advocates lost; they give us the energy to never ever quit!

partner companies and organisations that, like us, put patients first

current projects in which we work together to eliminate cancer

global initiatives our patient advocates are and were active in

Our impact

A number of our successes

Inspire2Live has achieved a lot. Often directly as a result of our own activities or as initiator of projects.

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Working together

We bring together patients, doctors, scientists and developers to work together in the area of research and development.

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Why do we do it

We want to improve access to treatments, medicines, aftercare and innovations and ensure prompt availability to everyone.

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Discover our projects

To achieve our goals we initiate many project with all stakeholders in the medical industrial complex.

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‘Opereren zonder snijden’ (surgery without incision) is a network of patients, doctors and scientists that wants to offer the most appropriate treatment of cancer. Hereby we speak of local treatments […]

Imagine this – you have a slide of your tumour because the pathologist gave it to you. You take a photo and with an app you send it to a […]

What is the priority in your country? Do we need to focus on breast cancer, or is cervical cancer a bigger problem? How many men suffer from prostate cancer and […]

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We believe it's important to share the knowledge that we have produced and collected. We do this in our World Campus library.

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