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Who am I

I'm part of Inspire2Live since 2013 and always have been involved in the Communication Team. In my professional life I'm a freelancer in marketing, communication and content management. I work for different foundations in the field of health and culture and several smaller companies. I also work as a creative. In this role I create visuals for websites and social media, make illustrations and write stories. In my free time I like sports and love sailing and dancing.


Everybody is faced with cancer; if it’s not you then it’s somebody around you. That's my motivation for joining Inspire2Live in 2013. In December 2018 I lost my soulmate, within one month, because of pancreatic cancer. It has always been important to me to help and to be a facilitator to all our Patient Advocates in our fight against cancer; now this is even more poignant because of his last message to us: Never ever quit!


I'm the Communication Team manager and take care of our website, our Teams environment, newsletters and social media. Please join us and follow us on our social media channels.

Involved projects


Multi cancer early detection

A global initiative where we are working with SeekIn to advance early cancer detection technologies, increasing treatment options and survival rates. By detecting cancer as early as possible, there are […]