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Who am I

I am a patient advocate at Inspire2live. As a volunteer I am involved in the ‘Stichting Jij Speelt de Hoofdrol’ and the ‘Stichting Nationale Kanker en Werk Dag’. The most important project is the annual symposium for breast cancer patients on the first Saturday of October. As an experience expert I am responsible for the program of the symposium and communication with the participants. For more information, visit The ‘Nationale Kanker en Werk Dag’ is a symposium for cancer patients and employers. As case manager CROV I am committed to maintaining work or returning to work for the patient. More information can be found on our website.


I was 22 when my father died of cancer. Only a few months later my mother became ill. My mother died three years later, she was only 56. Both were not much older than I am now. There is no week going by, I did not miss them. 7 years ago, I got breast cancer myself, got fired as publisher and devoted myself, despite the late consequences I still have, to spreading knowledge for breast cancer patients and cancer patients in general.


My work as an advocate for patients focuses on organizing meetings and symposia for cancer patients, in particular on the theme of Cancer and work and breast cancer. In addition, I make online magazines for cancer patients and other stakeholders.

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