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About Access to Medicines

A global initiative 

A group of patient advocates from the world campus convened to discuss the topic: Access to medicines, following up from great interest at the Inspire2Live 2023 Annual Congress, during which there was a visit to the Access to Medicines foundation (ATMF). 

 The topic started with the questions of: 

  • What do we want from Access to Medicines and what do we understand by access? 
  • Also, how do we deal with global access to medicines and the differences between regions and countries? 

The topics are centred around: 

  • Pricing and the global patient  
  • The drug development process  
  • Next steps 

Inspire2Live is going to cooperate with ATMF. We are in discussion with them and work out the cooperation in 2024. We will focus on a statement that shows who is responsible for access and what we can do about it. It focuses as well on patient stories that show us what happens when you have access and when you don’t have access. 

We realize that Access to Medicines is different in rich-, low- and middle-income countries. For that we work on a vision and will publish in a renowned international journal about our approach. Again, preferably with ATMF. 

Access to Medicines

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