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About Minimally invasive therapies

A local initiative, started in the Netherlands

“Opereren zonder snijden” (surgery without incision) is a network of patients, doctors and scientists which aims to offer the most appropriate treatment for individual cancer cases using techniques such as ablation and embolization which improve the patient’s chance of survival and quality of life. For more information, please visit the website at

Via this unique website we put patients in direct contact with a team of doctors experienced in these innovative methods which can be applied here in the Netherlands and which are much less intrusive than regular chemotherapy or surgery. You can read about the experiences of other patients who have already been treated with one of these minimally invasive methods, fill in the form and you will hear back within 7 days if you can be treated with one of these methods. 

The next step in this important project is to bring this to other countries and make it available for the global patient. For that we need funding. 

Minimally invasive therapies