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Who am I

I am a Patient Advocate of Inspire2Live since 2015. In 2012 my father was diagnosed with colorectal cancer with metastases in the liver. In the case of my father we learned there were more treatments than the oncologist in our hospital told us. We wanted the best treatment for him of course! Intervention radiology turned out to be a very good option for my father. It is a very local treatment of tumor and metastases without surgery. Back than we had to go to Germany for his treatment.


Now, more and more, intervention radiology is possible in the Netherlands. I hope every patient is well informed and gets the best treatment: surgery, chemo, irradiation or intervention radiology.


Nowadays I am informing people especially about intervention radiology also called surgery without incision. See our website
Pascale van Leeuwen

Involved projects


Minimally invasive therapies

A local initiative, started in the Netherlands, “Opereren zonder snijden” (surgery without incision) is a network of patients, doctors and scientists which aims to offer the most appropriate treatment for individual […]