HPV Related Cancer

About HPV Related Cancer

The Partnership for the Eradication of Cancer in Africa (our partner PECA) started an initiative to fight cervical cancer and also other to the HPV virus related cancers.

Important in this project is:

  • Awareness & Education around the disease
  • The need for vaccination as the most important way to eradicate HPV related cancers
  • The stigmatizing of young women can be ended. The vaccination needs to be made gender neutral to end marginalization of boys and to develop herd immunity.

Most vaccines only work against cervical cancer. When vaccination is made gender-neutral and vaccination is done with the right vaccine, the effect is that all HPV related cancers are targeted and the overall burden of cancer is reduced.

This is a PECA project and the role of Inspire2Live is that of an advisor and consultant. The reason for this is that the project requires a very large and long-term involvement of local personnel and local officials and politicians. Inspire2Live is in a good position to add value through its network in the world of medical sciences and through its experience in project organisation.

In our network we work for HPV- related cancers with Professor Zurhausen, Professor Pinedo, Professor Khama Rogo and Dr. Beltman as advisors. Moreover, we bring in our relation with IARC in person or Dr. Partha Basu, who is an expert on HPV related cancers. They can and will advise in this project and will be introduced by Inspire2Live.

When agreed upon the project they will be asked to endorse the project. This is, among other things, of importance for finding the financial resources that are needed for the advocacy project and of course for the vaccination initiative.

Raising awareness

The need for the uptake of the HPV vaccine by both boys and girls against cervical and other related cancers is encouraged by the messages carried in these videos. Children are used as advocates in 2 of the videos so that when there are opportunities arise for them to make choices.. they choose right!

These videos are brought to you by Inspire2Live and PECA in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health.


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