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About HPV Related Cancer

Local efforts to prioritise cancer care by identifying specific cancer challenges within countries, supported by accurate data collection and analysis. 

In collaboration with the Partnership for the Eradication of Cancer in Africa (PECA), Inspire2Live is spearheading an initiative focused on combating cervical cancer and other cancers linked to the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). The cornerstone of this effort is raising awareness and educating communities about the disease and the critical role of vaccinations in preventing HPV-related cancers. Emphasizing the need for gender-neutral vaccination is key to eliminating stigma associated with vaccinating young women and addressing the exclusion of boys, ultimately aiming to build herd immunity.

While many vaccines primarily target cervical cancer, adopting a gender-neutral approach and using the appropriate vaccine can help protect against all HPV-related cancers, significantly reducing the cancer burden. This initiative is supported by the expertise of Nobel Prize winner and Inspire2Live ambassador Professor Zurhausen, alongside Professor Pinedo, Professor Khama Rogo and Dr. Beltman. Additionally, we draw on our connections with the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), such as Dr. Partha Basu, an expert in HPV-related cancers, to enhance our project. These experts are not only advising on the project but are also poised to endorse it, aiding in the vital task of securing financial resources for both the advocacy campaign and the vaccination effort.

Raising awareness through visual media

To underscore the importance of HPV vaccination for both boys and girls in preventing cervical and other HPV-related cancers, Inspire2Live and PECA, in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Health of Nigeria, have produced educational videos. Featuring children in two of these videos emphasizes the power of informed choice, encouraging future generations to make decisions that protect their health.

These initiatives are part of our commitment to reducing the impact of HPV-related cancers through education, advocacy, and vaccination, demonstrating Inspire2Live’s dedication to a healthier future.

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