Breaking the rules to break borders!
February 1, 2023
Breaking the rules by breaking borders

Advocacy started in our world by saying NO!

NO! because We Matter

NO! because We have a Voice

NO! because We need to control our own fate

By breaking some of the more traditional rules surrounding medicine, patient advocacy leads to better healthcare and better quality of life for many people around the world. Breaking borders between countries creates a global connection and a common language: We are IN not OUT!

I don’t think cinema, or any other kind of art or sport, has had the same tremendous impact on uniting the world as advocacy has. In many cultural and sporting events, countries still compete to win a title, whereas in global advocacy events, there is no competition…just unconditional mutual care and support.

This is what happened in Egypt last week during BGIICC, one of the largest scientific oncology meetings, where Egyptian advocates Anis Mansour and Esraa L-Sayed and Ilona Schelle, from Inspire2Live in the Netherlands, joined forces with Nigerian advocate Salomey Eferemo. We were the only 4 advocates there, surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of Health Care Professionals and Pharma from all over the world, but we were not afraid to show our strength. We knew that the most important thing we could do to create an impact lay in two words: UNITE & INITIATE.

Now that we have started the conversation, we will go on to Unite under the Inspire2Live umbrella and Initiate our African alliance to ensure that more lives will be improved across Africa.

Stay tuned and expect the unexpected from Inspire2Live advocates who are breaking the rules to break borders!

Esraa L-Sayed
Patient Advocate Inspire2Live