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Cancer as the new pandemic

Due to COVID-19, it appears that many cancer cases have either not been diagnosed, or have been diagnosed at a much later stage. We believe that this will have an impact on the number of upcoming deaths from cancer. For example, in 2020 there were more than 1.000.000 fewer cases of cancer diagnosed in the UK than in 2019 and this cannot be without consequences.

Inspire2Live has formed a group of scientists to study this...

Lifestyle and cancer

This is probably the broadest topic which comes to mind when dealing with cancer and where opinions tend to differ most extremely. Yet there is one question which is still not covered well enough i.e. “How can we reach the people that need this information most?”.

Well-educated citizens often receive information about how they can improve their quality of life, which is generally already quite high. But what about people with low levels of education...

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