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Who am I

I’m an economist, a chartered property surveyor, a medical biotechnologist and an advocate, navigator for cancer patients. I’m originally from Hungary, but I’ve been living in London, UK. Originally, I wanted to study molecular biology, but at the last moment I chose finance. I had worked as finance manager (CFO) for multinational property developers in Hungary. I took a career pause to be able to care for my cancer patient mother (mCRC). We knew that only life extension was possible, surgery was not feasible. When chemotherapies failed, I researched for, organised and documented her diagnostics, and her experimental and integrative treatments abroad. These treatments extended her life in good quality. I also organised entertaining holiday trips for her and the family around Europe. After she died, I started working for other cancer patients as a navigator. I obtained diverse knowledge in medical and interventional oncology. I’ve been a regular attendee at cancer research and oncology conferences. I completed an MSc in medical biotechnology at the University of Warwick, and also a healthcare cost-effectiveness modelling course at The London School of Economics. Now I’m considering turning my work with cancer patients into an occasional free-time activity, and looking for a job in the business sector again, either in the investment field around cancer research (e.g. working for angel investors), or in medtech, biotech, consulting, or in private healthcare.


During the treatments of my mom, I realised there’s not just a large information asymmetry between patients and doctors, but also a communication gap. The main reason is the small amount of time doctors could spend with patients, because they are overloaded. I think, on single patient-level, advocates can fill in this gap to some extent. I started patient navigation just because of this. In this process I realised many other dysfunctionalities of healthcare systems and therapeutic innovation.


I have the most experience with colorectal cancer (CRC), because both my mom had it, and also another young patient I supported for long. I also have experience with patients having melanoma, multiple myeloma and nvAMD. My main interest fields within oncology and cancer research are interventional oncology and immunotherapies (especially with oncolytic viruses, therapeutic vaccines and cell therapies). I’m also very interested in integrative (natural) cancer therapies, and how they can be combined safely with conventional therapies. I also want to learn more about how the mental wellbeing of patients can be improved.

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