Continuum Long Term Survivor Study CLTSS
November 9, 2020

I was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer and given a prognosis of 3 to 5 months at Accident & Emergency. What a shock! Regular treatment had little effect but suddenly, the addition of a new biological drug seemed to work like a miracle, reducing the tumour in my liver so that it became resectable. Why did this drug work so well on me? Why am I alive? I asked the question repeatedly at European Conferences and directed it at researchers and oncologists. It was not fair that I was given the chance to live that others did not have. Please also find my video on the European School of Oncology 2014 Switzerland via:

When I heard about Dr James Hull and his research into exactly my question in the ‘Continuum Long-Term Survivor Study’, I made contact. I had to be a part of this. Dr Hull is committed to finding a cure for cancer. He is the founder and CEO of Continuum Life Sciences, having survived 4 cancers himself. This research is quite different to any other in that it starts at the finishing line, the survivors, and looks at why we survived beyond all expectation. The innovative approach to this research is built on the belief that immunotherapy, which harnesses our immune system to stop cancer, is the key to the future of cancer care. Immunotherapy is already saving lives. Dr Hull says, “We want to ensure it saves millions more and transforms the treatment of cancer.”

The Continuum Long-Term Survivor Study is a multi-modal and multi-centre study in partnership with some of the world’s leading medical research institutions and scientists. They invite long-term cancer survivors to donate blood samples for analysis as this may hold vital cancer fighting information. Dr Hull has already established research centres in seven leading universities in the UK, each one led by eminent professors. Each centre focuses on a particular area of their research work whilst keeping a common goal. More centres are to be developed in the UK, USA and mainland Europe.

Dr Hull’s personal desire to use his experience to help others is tangible. I was so excited to meet him and share experiences because the joy of our ‘miracles’ and the possibility in replicating them would be tremendous. His own cancer journey has left him feeling passionate and ‘morally obliged’ to discover why, and how he has survived and whether we can learn from individual cancer survivors like himself.

Joining this study has made a difference to my life. Our ‘miracles’ are scientifically based and our resistance to cancer can be replicated through science. I feel that I am sharing something that can directly help other cancer patients. I encourage you, if you are a long-term cancer survivor, to join this study. It is open to long-term cancer survivors from the UK and rest of the world.

If you would like more information to join this ground-breaking study, please contact:


Freephone: +44(0)800 1 44 84 88

Barbara Moss,
Patient Advocate Inspire2Live