Pain management

About Pain management

In 2020, when we started working globally, we realised that quite some patients don’t even receive good pain relief. Patients in low- and middle-income countries do not have the financial means to buy medicines that relief pain. They die with sometimes extreme pain.

This is not necessary and can be changed.

We can do better!

One of our patient advocates is an experienced anaesthesiologist related to an academic medical centre in the Netherlands. He treats cancer patients with pain. Especially pain that is caused by inflammation. For this he works with a well-known, good, safe and cheap medicine: Lidocaine. A second important feature of Lidocaine is that it decreases inflammation. And quite some pain, not only in cancer, but for example also in Sickle Cell), is caused by inflammation. As 50% of the cancers areaccording to professor Zurhausen.

Lidocaine is good, safe and cheap so it can easily be used all over the globe. Pain management is an important aspect of the Inspire2Live vision on dealing with cancer globally: BUCS – Bottom-Up Cancer Support.

Involved Patient Advocates