Performance in daily life

About Performance in daily life

When prevention didn’t prevent you from getting cancer it is important that you are, as long as possible, able to do the things that are important for you in daily life. You want to ensure that you are able to do these things and staying fit is free of charge.

Most things that are important to prevent cancer are also important to keep on performing in the way you want: do your daily exercises, eat healthy food, no smoking and less or no alcohol and be aware of your weight (it depends on the treatment whether you have to lose or gain some weight or have to stay on the right weight if you are.

Performance = quality of life!

An important initiative that Inspire2Live took in the past is to set up research for rehabilitation: A-Care (Alpe d’HuZes Cancer Rehabilitation program, Alpe d’HuZes is an initiative of Inspire2Live). You find it in our achievements.

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