Agency and epidemiology of cancer for the global patient
July 20, 2020
Annual congress 2021

The outline of the 2021 congress is becoming clear and we’re happy to announce that the program of the first day, Wednesday February 3 is ready. Our next Annual Congress, February 3, 4 and 5 at The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, will be around the theme ‘Agency and epidemiology of cancer for the global patient’.

For February the 3th we have 4 excellent speakers:

  • Ghada Ibrahim from Inspire2Live will tell us about the necessity to be a Patient Advocate.
  • Ben Shapiro from Puretech and former director of Merck Oncology, will give a talk about the contribution of industry for the patient.
  • Bob Löwenberg, haematologist/researcher at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam will emphasize the possible contribution of physicians to patients globally.
  • Ronnie van Diemen from the Dutch Health department and responsible for curation, will show her work from the governments perspective point of view.

After the talks, Rebecca Malby will lead the panel discussion about the case of our Patient Advocate Jolanda Glas.

Why should only lawyers, politicians and physicians talk about the possibility of an artificial pancreas and not the potential patient as well? What happened to their right of self-determination?

Shortly after and as a result of the Annual Congress 2020 Inspire2Live decided to expand and built Inspire2Live Hubs in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and North America. Connect Patient Advocates, physicians and researchers (scholar activists) in the fight against cancer and initiate important projects that contribute to the quality of life of cancer patients. The first one already started in Latin America and Africa is soon to follow.

Please do not forget to save the date on our 2021 Annual Congress and feel free to contact us, if you have any further questions.

Peter Kapitein
CEO and Patient Advocate Inspire2Live

Nicole van Leeuwen
Office Management and Logistics Inspire2Live