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The most important element in prevention is by far smoking. Tobacco control should be high on the agenda of governments and governments that do not do enough on this should be. Brought to trial based on the declaration of human rights. It is the right of every citizen to be protected against products that harm health. There is no own choice in addiction and especially not in addiction caused by marketing policies of the industry.

It is known from internal industry documents that industry works on the addiction of the citizens:

<blockquote>Get them before they are 21, because otherwise we’ve lost them.</blockquote>

It is the responsibility of governments to restrict tobacco. Therefore, and for reasons of not blaming the smoker, we plea for

Do not forbid smoking, forbid the selling of tobacco!

This way the guilt is placed with governments and industry. Not the unprotected citizen.

Inspire2Live has written the roadmap for bringing first the Dutch government to trial and after that the EU. We work this way since it’s legally required to start in the country where the organisation is founded. We are lacking financial resources and are looking for ways to find the money. As soon as we have funds, we are bringing governments to trial.

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