World Campus Laser Beams
June 21, 2021
World Campus Laser Beams

We lost Fabrizia Stavru. I called her our laser beam. She has the unfaltering ability to focus, to stick to relevance, to make breakthroughs. Due to COVID-19, I have never met her in person. I told her that I fell in love with her presence.

I speak in the present tense about Fabrizia because her laser beam is still here, amongst us. In memory of her presence and influence I shall speak of a laser beam project when the Inspire2Live World Campus is looking to focus, stick to relevance and maybe even make history. Our new laser beam project is about eradicating cervical cancers. Let me give you the outline.

First, we have the support of Harald zur Hausen. Harald discovered that the HPV virus can cause many cervical cancers. Based on his research we now have several highly effective vaccines which block the transmission of the virus.

Second, the eradication of cervical cancer has been prioritised by the WHO. But they need more hands. They need a laser beam.

Third, the Inspire2Live World Campus is providing the laser beam. We have called our laser beam project “prevention in action”.

Fourth, we shall focus on children in schools, before they become sexually active. We will approach them through peer-driven local programs revolving around the theme of dance. Children love dance. Dance is universal.

Fifth, we will focus on several countries in parallel: Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Indonesia, China, India and Brazil.

Sixth, pooling resources and reciprocating action is what we do.

Seventh, only one principle counts in the end:

do the right thing

Thank you Fabrizia!

Jan Gerrit Schuurman
Patient Advocate Inspire2Live