The Global Future of Inspire2Live
August 17, 2020
The Global Future of Inspire2Live

On June 5th 2020, Inspire2Live organised a tele-consultation session. Objective was to consult four leading scientists about our global future. Inspire2Live is committed to expanding its presence among patients and researchers all over the world. We will challenge scientists that support us to become scholar activists. Three weeks later, on June 26th the four science activists were asked to reflect on the first version of our report and also to respond to the implementation.

Four scholar activists present were Bob Weinberg (Boston, MIT), David Lane (Singapore, A*Star), Laura van ’t Veer (San Francisco, UCSF), Jan Hoeijmakers (Rotterdam, ErasmusMC).

Patient advocates present were: Peter Kapitein (Amsterdam, DNB), Ilona Schelle (Amsterdam, DNB) Jeff Waldron (Boston, Sherborn Consulting), Jan Gerrit Schuurman (Berlin, Max Planck Institute for Human Development and chair of the meeting).

  • Bob Weinberg urges us to be cautious. He wants us to think of the profile of people and organisations that we would want to hook up with.
  • David Lane urges us to focus on the creation of an infrastructure for (inter)national cooperation and set up networks that may have political influence locally and globally.
  • Laura Van’t Veer wants us to focus on equitability and to focus on the right organisation levels: EU, UN(ENSCO), WHO.
  • Jan Hoeijmakers stresses that Inspire2Live can do things that “we” (the scientists) cannot do; spread practices that stimulate fasting. Fasting is a relatively simple intervention but has huge impact on the benefit and harm done by many cancer treatments, in particular chemotherapy

Based on the consultation and the reflection two weeks later, we list the following recommendations:

  • Concentrate on Agency and Epidemiology in our 2021 Annual Congress. Reason is that (a) 60-70% of the cancers are unnecessary, (b) however the drivers of the majority of cancers (i.e. the drivers of the epidemiology of cancers) is hardly part of subsidised cancer research.
  • Create Hubs on all continents, based on reciprocal relationships with I2L-NL, and ultimately between all hubs. Consequently each Hub is surrounded by other Hubs, just like the nave is surrounded and held in place by the spokes in a wheel.
  • Speed up learning through crash courses, to which patient advocates and scholar scientists contribute and are participants. Make the crash courses available on line.
  • Select and post lectures in a way that makes the lessons to be learned transparent.
  • Make Inspire2Live an opinion leader and a vehicle for education: for science, politics, community development and governance.

Jan Gerrit Schuurman
Chair of the Hub initiative of Inspire2Live & Patient Advocate