Precision Medicine Forum Patient Week
February 23, 2021
Precision Medicine Forum 2021

Cancer is a mobile disease. It changes while you look at it.
Treat it like tuberculosis; 4 drugs, for one year, at the same time!
(David Tuveson, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories)

Cancer in a human body changes continuously and we will not be successful when using only one medicine, 4 medicines (or 3 or 5) at the same time for a long period. Precision medicine defines the sufficient drug combination per patient for success, at a specific moment. In order to determine what is sufficient you need to apply DNA sequencing for drug-screening with organoids or organ on a chip. In addition you need to work with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for a better understanding of the treatment. This will support the decision making process of the physician to provide the best advice possible on patient treatment. This is the starting point for the discussion about the right treatment between the physician and the patient.

Precision medicine is about individual and unique patients. Not small cohorts (what a terrible expression; patients don’t want to be in a ‘cohort’, who came up with this?) Not in small groups of patients in a randomized controlled terror. Patients want to be seen as unique individuals and be treated like that. And when someone says that this is not possible, she or he is wrong.

When you want to learn more about this process and the opinions of Patient Advocates, you should subscribe to the Precision Medicine Forum (PMF) Patient Week. We guarantee good panel sessions and presentations by excellent participants. The congress will be held across four sessions each lasting two hours from 8-11 March 2021. Being virtual allows far greater participation with more broader geography than is possible in person. Two of our Patient Advocates participate in the virtual congress of our partner PMF. Please find their names and communication link below.

Piarella Peralta focuses on education and communication.

Tjebbe Tauber focuses on real world data and evidence.

Please use this link for subscription.

Peter Kapitein
CEO and Patient Advocate Inspire2Live