Multi Cancer Early Detection? We simply performed it on ourselves
February 18, 2024
Multi Cancer Early Detection? We simply performed it on ourselves

At our annual congress November 29 and 30 we used OncoSeek from SeekIn to detect cancer in its earliest stage for the members of the Inspire2Live World Campus. It was not an experiment; it was not a trial. OncoSeek is a CE-marked registered product and has been extensively validated.  OncoSeek analyses 7 protein tumor markers and is able to detect 9 different cancer types. The more aggressive the tumour, the better the results. And this is just the start, OncoSeek is constantly improving by adding markers and detecting more cancers.  

Early detection of cancer aims to reduce cancer deaths. Unfortunately, many established cancer screening technologies are not suitable for use in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) due to cost, complexity and dependency on extensive medical infrastructure. OncoSeek provides good performance and robustness for multi-cancer early detection (MCED) and can be directly implemented in LMICs. Inspire2Live has established OncoInv; a separate entity to make multi-cancer early detection available for the global patient.  

At our annual congress blood was drawn from 38 patient advocates and we had it analysed. The below table shows an overview of the results: 

Probability of Cancer  #  female  male  age < =55  age >55 
<0,5  24  15  9  17  7 
>0,5<0,9  12  3  9  0  12 
>0,9  2  0  2  0  2 
   38  18  20  17  21 

The two persons with a serious suspicion of cancer contacted their own physicians and had follow-up diagnosis. Fortunately for them no cancers were diagnosed, but close monitoring was recommended. All persons with a medium score are advised to repeat the test in a few months.  

If we really want to reduce the mortality of cancer, we have to deal with the mortality in LMIC’s and detect it as early as possible. So far, we are not successful in both, but the availability of OncoSeek brings hope. It is easy to use, it is reliable and important, it is affordable. Let’s work on the democratization of detecting and treating cancer! Let’s close the care gap! 

Ilona Schelle, Eltjo Heddema and Peter Kapitein
Patient Advocates Inspire2Live