Meeting the World Campus in person
June 6, 2022
Meeting the World Campus in person

After two years of Teams, Zooms, mails and apps we were finally able to fly in from around the globe to meet each other in person in Amsterdam. I’m not sure if the COVID-19 measures would approve of all the hugs and kisses that were exchanged, but it was definitely a boost for our mental health!

In addition to the Meet & Greets, the agenda was all about updating each other on the magnificent projects everybody is working on and exploring where we can support each other to break down barriers and create better results faster.

On Day 1 we had a lecture and interview with Rob ten Brinck about pain management and cancer. Pain management can’t be separated from cancer. You really have to have the holistic view to provide benefit for the patient. If an existing medicine, e.g. lidocaine is (cost) effective and save to use, why do we need more big trials to prove it? Or worse yet, how is it possible that we are still using opiates when there are alternative drugs which are more effective, affordable and provide a much better quality of life for the patient? There must be a way to push this research forward.

On Day 2 Mao Mao gave a lecture about early detection. One vial of blood is all it takes to sequence your DNA and detect any potential cancer. Thousands of citizens have already taken part and, by storing the data and letting algorithms do their job, cancer can be detected in the early stages. This approach represents a paradigm shift compared to the way we are currently diagnosing cancer and it has huge potential, not only for diagnosis but also in terms of monitoring recurrence and treatment response. Mao Mao clearly believes that this type of diagnostics should be available to all, as an easy to use and affordable option, in both high- and low-income countries.

Overall we had a great meeting with lots of inspiration to fuel our minds and projects. I would like to thank everybody for all your openness, sharing and efforts and I hope to see you all again at our annual congress from September 14-16 2022 (see below for more details).

Ilona Schelle
Patient Advocate Inspire2Live

Annual Congress 2022 – Moving the world for the global patient through reciprocity

This year’s annual congress highlights innovative practices happening on all continents. We will consider key questions such as: “What are the characteristics of innovative practices in the countries represented which can constitute learning for other countries?” and “How can different countries help each other to flourish by sharing capabilities?”. We are complementary to each other. To make it work, we need an attitude of reciprocity and this is the keyword of our 2022 Inspire2Live annual congress.

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