Introducing our ambassadors
August 30, 2022
Meet our Inspire2Live Ambassadors

By the time Inspire2Live started in 2010, we had already consulted many top scientists and physicians around one basic question: What is needed to get cancer under control and lead a happy and healthy life?. It’s a simple question, however that doesn’t mean that there’s an easy answer because there isn’t. And implementing that answer is even harder. Nevertheless, what we also heard at that time, is that we do not execute what we already know; a quote from Sir David Lane, the British immunologist, molecular biologist and cancer researcher. From that moment on, we knew that we had to become highly proficient and knowledgeable in our field and that this would require a great deal of help and support.

Our mission at Inspire2Live is to be the patient’s voice in cancer, basing our work in science and ensuring that cancer patients around the globe have access to the most effective treatments. We work not only for the 1.2 billion people in the rich countries, but also for the 6.6 billion people in the low- and middle-income countries and we will never ever give up on our global mission to answer that simple initial question.

To testify that our work is founded and grounded in science and that we only recommend the most effective treatments, we have asked renowned experts to support us with a short endorsement. To be the patient’s voice in cancer, we need to be known and trusted for our work and that is why we are very grateful to our Inspire2Live ambassadors.

It is therefore our pleasure to introduce you to fifteen passionate and committed individuals from our global network who wholeheartedly endorse the Inspire2Live agenda and the importance of a science-based approach: Adriana Sanford, Bob Löwenberg, Bob Pinedo, Carin Uyl-de Groot, Francoise Barré-Sinoussi, Funmi Olopade, Hester Oldenburg, Jan Hoeijmakers, José Carreras, Khama Rogo, Klaas Knot, Marcel Levi, Mart de Kruif, Rob Pieters and Stephen Friend.

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Peter Kapitein
Patient Advocate Inspire2Live