Fighting cancer can be done better and cheaper in the Netherlands
April 20, 2020
Fight cancer

If we implement NOW what we can already do and if we switch to personalized medicine, 80% of cancer will be under control in ten years’ time. In order to reach this result we need to change the current system.

Differences between cancer treatments in centers are large. Unfortunately, the system became more important than the purpose for which it is created. The medical industrial complex guides developments focused on profit, the government on reducing costs instead of prevention. And not to mention the long rigid and unbreakable chain from drug development to reimbursement.

For many years it is possible to provide personalized medicine based on a DNA profile, preventing waste. This life-saving option is still not publicly available. This frustrates and influences a lot of people. Also clinicians with innovative future perceptions feel chained by ‘the system’.

One of our goals is to provide better and reliable information to cancer patients in order to empower them. Our new initiative Inspire2GO, the executive body of Inspire2Live, lists the most excellent cancer centers for the 15 most common cancers in the western world.

Insipre2Go wants to inform and support every person directly or indirectly affected by cancer in choosing a center for diagnostics, treatment and aftercare. A choice based on medical qualities rather than travel distance or specializations. The list mentioned is composed by IQVIA, a multinational that collects and discloses reliable medical data. When patients are diagnosed with lung cancer for example, our list guides patients to verify the center that suits best. Our guidance is based on objective results.

How can we shorten the long road filled with promising results as quick as possible to a patient’s bed? The only possible way is to include patients. Make them part of the discussion, the results. This is not happening right now. There are dozens of (former) patients who are capable and empowered. Why don’t those people – experts due to experience and knowledge – play an active role in our health system?

Peter Kapitein
CEO and Patient Advocate Inspire2Live