Can we unlock the eminence in care
February 10, 2020
Ted Talk Mark Lawler

From January 29 to January 31 we celebrated the Inspire2Live Annual Congress at the KNAW (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences in Amsterdam with the title: “Evidence, Arrogance, Ignorance, Eminence”.

Thanks to the effort and cooperation of patients, researchers, doctors and so many other fantastic people it has once again become a successful and wonderful event.

Soon you’ll receive the minutes with all the detailed information and the outcome of the congress.

One of our participants was Professor Mark Lawler from Queens University Belfast  who lead one of the Friday afternoon work sessions, called: ‘Can we unlock the eminence in care?’.

To prepare the work session Mark made an interesting presentation about the European Patient’s Bill of Rights and how to tackle cancer inequalities in Europe. A very interesting topic. You will soon find his and other presentations at our website in the Past Annual Congresses section.

Mark Lawler gave a thoughtprovoking TEDx talk about this topic at Queens University Belfast. We would like to share this talk with you: TEDx Talk Mark Lawler

Thank you Mark for sharing this with us. We consider you one of us!

Nicole van Leeuwen
Patient Advocate Inspire2Live