Bottom-Up Cancer Support for ALL
May 10, 2021
Bottom-Up Cancer Support for All

The World Campus is operational since September 2020. We have been joined by my many countries and more are to follow*. Our spearheads are science, peer facilitation, prevention in action and BUCS for all. Today’s update will be about the latter: Bottom-Up-Cancer Support for all.


We have started creating a basic package for cancer care for everyone in the world, that is in reach practically and financially in even the remotest corners of the world. We call it BUCS: Bottom-Up Cancer Support.

BUCS should focus on three elements and put them in reach of all people:

  • Prevention: make sure people don’t get cancer in the first place
  • Performance and rehabilitation: if they do get cancer make sure that they can keep functioning as long as possible
  • Pain management: decrease or eliminate the suffering without severely restricting the patients’ agency, as happens with opioids

On an operational level this is where we stand:

  • Seminar groups are created on all levels (i.e. prevention, performance and pain).
  • In Egypt we collaborate with cancer health center (Ghada Ibrahim’s lead), XP patients and their parents are empowered in Brazil (Ligia Castro’s lead).
  • A cross-sectional group is under construction and will be led by Jan Gerrit Schuurman and Carmen Loiselle.

Jan Gerrit Schuurman
Patient Advocate Inspire2Live

* Current World Campus countries are: Brazil, Costa Rica, US, Canada, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Carib, Netherlands, France, Spain, China, Germany, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, Israel, Hungary, Armenia, Italy, India, UK, Switzerland, South Africa, Bulgaria, Ireland. In 2021 we expect to be joined by: Russia, Indonesia, Ghana, Tanzania, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Scotland, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea.