Risks, costs, benefits and trust in healthcare: why and when do we trust
October 5, 2020
AI in healthcare

With artificial intelligence and personalized medicine playing an increasingly important role in today’s healthcare, one cannot help but wonder about the regulation of these fields. As a Patient Advocate, I am asked to analyze the pros and cons of the ‘checks and balances’ system that exists today. According to my opinion too much regulation may result in negative patient outcomes.

In a recent discussion about Artificial Intelligence (AI), data and healthcare, I was asked a relevant question: “What sort of regulation do we need for AI in healthcare?” A very thought-provoking question! Regulation in general is already a heavily discussed subject, with strong feelings on both sides, for and against. Do we need more regulation? And what are the costs, benefits and risks? Please find my whole article published in the Journal of Health Management, vol. 20, issue 7.

I hope you will enjoy reading my publication. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out!

Kind regards,

Peter Kapitein
CEO and Patient Advocate Inspire2Live