Discovery Network on organoids in Cold Spring Harbor

Summary of Discovery Network on organoids in Cold Spring Harbor

In the Fall of 2012 the Discovery Network meets in Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, not far from New York. This time an important step has to be made: to move from the bench of ideas to actual implementation of the means to harvest tumor cells, and to work out a system for doing research. Dave Tuveson is extremely explicit about what needs to be done. He wants us to focus upon testing drugs and drug combinations on tumor cells next to healthy cells from the same body.

The meeting at Cold Spring Harbor results in a clear sense about what it will take to move forward with more than usual speed. It is agreed that the leading scientists will exchange young scientists who will acquire the skills that are needed to work with organoids. The exchange program is  quickly accepted and does not require extensive discussion.

The Cold Spring Harbor meeting is successful. The last few months Sanger, Hubrecht, Cold Spring Harbor and MSKCC have started working together and are well on the way to create a framework for cooperation.