Grip on your life after being hit by cancer – Online symposium, October 24, 2020
October 19, 2020
Symposium on 24th of October: Grip on your life after being hit by cancer”

On the 24th of October we continue the session of our online symposium for cancer patients that started on the 10th of October with direct broadcasting. This online symposium is being organised through and for (ex)cancer patients and their loved ones.

Various speakers, patients as well as professionals being doctors, oncologists or therapists give you an insight about what patients can do to get a better grip on their lives living with and after cancer.

On the 24th the subjects are getting a grip on your vitality and getting a grip on your mind.

  • Patient Advocate Pearl Ly shows how sport is being part of her life and staying fits helps her to cope with what happened to her body after having breast cancer.
  • Lon Claassen speaks about nutrition and how healthy nutrition helps you during treatments and after.
  • Maaike Buurman takes you on a mind trip on the island of Terschelling and helps you to find your inner strength.
  • Femme Zijlstra is a radiologist and advocates for multidisciplinary care.

All these inspiring speakers will come to you in a live broadcast on the 24th starting at 2 PM.

We hope to welcome you on this date! Please find more information on our program via this link. Tickets are € 5 only and can be found here.

Warm regards,
Sabine Wernars & Saskia Koopmans
Patient Advocates Inspire2Live