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A quantum leap in international cooperation

Controlling Cancer has a multitude of aspects, some concerning advanced scientific research and complex treatments that reach only rich patients or rich countries. In the cases where a very promising avenue of research or treatment is not actively pursued, we try to improve that. 

There are however three aspects that are relevant to patients in all countries and that are also within reach of many patients with low or middle incomes, we call these the 4 Ps, and we prioritize those in the focus of the World Campus where patient advocates and scholar activists from more than 40 countries across all continents come together and help each other based on the principle of reciprocity. Subject matter experts introduce and share new methods and techniques during in-depth sessions leading to, amongst other things, collaborative projects on topics such as early detection, pain management, cancer registration and analysis and the optimisation of cervical cancer vaccination. 

The 4 Ps are: 

  • Prevention! Firstly, make sure you don’t get cancer. 50% of all cancer-related illnesses can be prevented free of charge. 
  • Pre-empt tumour growth and spreading! Take care that cancer is detected as early as possible. Also, in low- and middle-income countries are often good opportunities to deal with cancer in an early stage. 
  • Performance = quality of life! Secondly, if you have cancer, make sure you can live your life the way you’re used to as long as possible.  
  • Pain/Palliation! Finally, if you have cancer, make sure you suffer as little pain as possible. There are safe, effective and affordable medicines for treating pain in cancer (e.g. Lidocaine). 

Our achievements reflect this approach. 

The Inspire2Live World Campus – a quantum leap in international cooperation

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