Rob Pieters

"The Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology works from the perspective “What would you do for your own child?”. Inspire2Live has my strong support as it shares such vision: it is all about patients "

Prof. Rob Pieters

About Rob Pieters

Professor Pieters has done an exceptional job in creating one center for pediatric oncology patients. Treatment and research are now concentrated for the benefit of children. A unique achievement of world class. Since the foundation of Inspire2Live professor Pieters has been a strong supporter and has given several presentations to educate and motivated our advocates.
Professor Pieters is an international well-known physician in pediatric oncology. He worked for 10 years to concentrate all research and treatment activities in this expertise in one center. His persistence has realized a center in the way you design and built a center when you are able to do this perfect as in your most ambitious dream.