Adriana Sanford

"I proudly support the work of Inspire2Live. Global cancer research collaboration across the scientific spectrum is key to prevention, early detection, and fighting this disease, including screening, patient care, less-invasive treatment options, and clinical trials. "

Adriana Sanford, J.D., Dual LL.M.

About Adriana Sanford

Professor Sanford has brought the value of her impressive global personal network, her unrelenting energy, and her intellect to Inspire2Live. Since 2021, her teamwork and charitable contributions have proved to be of great value. Through various philanthropic endeavors and civic engagement, she demonstrates her generosity and commitment to the welfare of our community and the public at large. Professor Sanford is an international TV commentator that specializes on global threats and data privacy laws, a Senior Fellow with Claremont Graduate University, and the founder of