The Voice of the Cancer Patient
April 6, 2021
Inspire2Live: The Voice of The Cancer Patient

Inspire2Live has many friends but few donors. This is caused by the way in which we tell our story. You only need to look at our website: a treasure trove of science, dynamism, weekly Updates, World Campus. But also complex and demanding content. High Science and High Emotion. Our answer to the question “What is it you do?” is much too complicated. At this moment a few Patient Advocates are working with experts to make the story simpler.

What we do

Connecting doctors, researchers, patients and officials with the purpose of enhancing the options for the patient to choose from. In some cases this happens on the level of advanced science, on other cases it’s as straightforward as “Implementing what we already know.”

How do we do it

By being the catalyst, constantly reminding all the actors and stakeholders of problems and of solutions that get insufficient attention, by involving the whole world, by always going on about prevention.

For whom: for the patient

To inform and empower the patient to be aware of her options and choices, thereby making her the designer of her own quality of life, but also making her an agent of change by the pressure she exerts on the static forces of the medical professional world.

The voice of the patient is important not because she is the victim of a terrible disease, but because she has an insight into the realities of life that no other stakeholder has.

Just listen to some of those voices, and feel their energy and inspiration. These are from our Wall of Remembrance.

These people don’t conform to a definition of greatness, they are the definition of greatness! They set an example for us all. They deserve to know they are not alone, but they are together with millions who have cancer and their loved ones

It is our privilege to serve and support them.

Tielo Jongmans
Peter Kapitein
Rein Hintzen
Ingrid Kroeze
Piarella Peralta
Maureen Visscher